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Full Class Action Administration services, including class notification, administration, and settlement.



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With nearly two decades of
Class Action Administration
under our belts, we know exactly
what you need to know. Review
our checklist of services and
make life easier.



‘First Class has extensive
in dealing with class
action mailings, which requires
knowledge and an ability to comply
with various court ordered tasks....


Mike Caines
Chief Executive Officer


Welcome! If you need class action administration, we’re here to help you, just like we’ve helped hundreds of lawyers across the country on cases small and large. We’ll always go the extra mile for you.
Please feel free to contact me at any time.

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It's all about Trust.

As a Lawyer…

You prefer to concentrate on advancing your cases by taking depositions, filing motions, reviewing documents and going to court, and hate to get bogged down with class action administrative tasks. You need a class action administrator you can trust.

As a Class Action Administrator

We’re a class action administrator that makes things convenient for you because we concentrate on taking care of the very important details of the notice and payment process, and we’re good at it and cost effective. We’ve earned the trust of over 100 lawyers across the country, from single person offices to large firms with hundreds of attorneys.

Our full range of class action administration services include printing and mailing notices, building and maintaining dedicated web sites, processing claim forms, publishing notices, sending CAFA notifications, managing class settlement funds, validating claim forms, printing and mailing settlement checks, and many other ancillary services.